yahweh's dancing robots

I'm in one of the southern US states. Walking around in a city with Ø.

We find this weird kind of exhibit in a building. It's maybe 7 huge (long) lanes with couples placed on them every 10ft or so. The lanes move rhythmically every 30 seconds or less.

The couples are acting out fighting moves but they move like robots. Sometimes they are thrown and flipped.

For most of the time during the performance I assume they are mechanical robots but eventually I realize they are not. They are young people.

At the end of the performance there's only one performer left. A young girl. I kinda smile at her as Ø and I are walking out she's in front of me.

Then a guy stops me and basically pressures me to give him money. He convinces me so I go back and start talking with the remaining girl performer. I tell her that they are amazing and I only figured out they were not robots at the end. When we talk about the money she tells pressure guy that she was told that there's no money to be given. Eventually she says ok but just give the money to this foundation instead, it's called the Yahweh foundation.

I tell her that I can't give money to that foundation because of my beliefs.

I tell her again how amazing she was and she is crying a bit. Only instead of tears there are bubbles coming out of her eyes.

panda jesus

A giant panda gives birth to Jesus, in China. It's on the news on tv, everywhere. Only, Jesus is a girl.

snowball fight

I go back to an auditorium when I realize I left my bags in there. It's closed but there's a girl there who starts flirting with me and feeling me up. She convinces me to have sex with her.

But the dream is in 3rd person, like I'm watching a movie of me.

So it skips over the sex part and then we're waiting for the bus outside a building and there's a snowball fight.

MLB escorts

Escorts hired by major league baseball players have learned to play baseball at exhibition games and started their own teams.

Then I'm at a hockey game with some hockey great and his escort. She tells me about the (escort) agency and the bad ass mom who runs it. Says it would make a great movie.

I had an invoice from there?

single rainbow

I am at work, somewhere, in a city I don't know.

I'm out having a smoke with a few people and the break got long and some left but I stayed. Then a few more people came out and I saw a rainbow and was looking at it.

There was a girl there who laid down on the ground with me and we looked at the rainbow until it disappeared. It was a huge rainbow.

flying yellow eraser

I'm inside a building working at a table with some friends. Using a pencil with a removable knob eraser. The knob is yellow. I'm fiddling with the eraser and it goes flying out an open window.

I hear a crashing sound: somehow the eraser flew into the front passenger side window (breaking it) of a dropped, pimped up Mercedes or BMW with huge wheels.

At first I discuss it with my friends and we all laugh because unless I get out and tell them, they could not possibly guess what happened.

I decide to go anyways because one friend says he saw cute girls inside. When I get there it's an old granny, but like a really cool granny driving.

Her son is in the back and he's a musician or dj. I know this because when I look at the floor to pick up the eraser I pick up ear buds (yellow ones) instead at first.


Rises to the surface like a diver rises to the surface after being mauled by a shark.


At first I was chatting with someone online and eventually for some reason mentioned him. Then I started seeing him in Japan

He had become a famous actor in a Japanese musical theatre piece called "Man with striped face".

Then the dream cut to a japanese Jeopardy segment on TV where there was a question with a video clue. The answer was "What is Man With Striped Face?"

One of the contestant got the answer right and after that the host was like "I have a surprise!" and out comes Derek, and the crowd goes wild. He is wearing a crazy costume, kind of like a samurai outfit, but with inflatable hands that he is able to control.

He goes to the woman contestant and gives her a hug and then the music from the theatre piece (I guess it was a musical???) comes on and everyone is singing along and he's dancing with the japanese lady, and it kinda looks like capoeira? He made his hands inflate to about 5 times their normal size, in time with the music.